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TOP 3 Deathtime Countries

So like it was announced in this post, Deathtime is currently working on some new material.

The writing process started in the winter, and Charlie turned them into demos in the summer.

As this forthcoming autumn is attacking on us with all its beauty, it's going be traditionally a very good time to finish the material.

But when it is going tobe ready for release is a whole different story; let it be matured in those fine old oak caskets, to be ready, rotten and violent like a new born zombie!

While waiting, Charlie thought it would be interesting - dolce et utile - to check out the TOP 3 Deathtime countries!

According to the statistics, they are:
  1. Finland 
  2. USA 
  3. Russia
Trying to dig herself up from the backyard grave: 4. Germany (it was a tie with Russia for a long time).
    Kiitos - Thank you - спасибо


    Deathtime, while cleaning up some archieves of Home Studio, finally finished a song that's been in laying around for some time now.

    It's an older song, that originates all the way to the Obliteration (/& Covered In Blood) sessions.

    It is called: I Shalt Not Suffer Thou. 

    It has a number of special features. They shall mostly remain as a secret, but let's say this: it has two guitars + killer solo! Which is pretty unusual for Deathtime, but definetly worth checking out!

    So no doubt it's going to be a very interesting, yet surprising song!

    Since it's not going to be released as a new material, but instead its going be released as a streaming song on this site! And maybe later on, it'll be included as a bonus material with some newer material. Now, how about that my fellow sick bastards?!

    Nice treat while waiting, eh?

    So stay tuned for updates, they will blow you (I said blow you *giggles*) out of the water. Thank you!

    PPS. And you may be asking, that why doesn't Deathtime share its music on Myspace? Because it sucks %#"!. That's why.

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