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Building The Monster...

In the dark corridors of the Home Studio headquarters, are brutal yet aesthetic sounds echoing from the recording chambers
Deathtime has finished the second album's writing 'n' demo sessions. 

This time the recording, song writing and overall creation method's been rather different, since Charlie wanted to try something new - while growing and evolving as an artist.

Usually Deathtime's been recording its production in specific recording sessions, but this time it has been writing material without any particular separate sessions. the Free Flow method - if you will. Resulting a nice number of songs, which been written and turned into demos. Which according to Charlie, they're more or less like the end result should be, but they do serve mainly as a great sonic memos - they are great way to use that old "damn I should have done that differently"-thing as an advance.

It will take time until the final wrap-up-sessions may begin since there are still some serious adjusting of new studio equipment and lots of work with the material, and Mr. Deathtime wants to refill his tanks of creativity.

And some of the material are still to be written, so perhaps some demo songs will be replaced with the wrap up session songs!

So, here's some pics and the track list.

NOTE: Titles with + are included on the demo album.

  • Victory Song +
  • Prayer of Death +
  • Reptiles +
  • NOiR +
  • Infanticide + 
  • Dry Whiskey & Wet Women
  • Her Soul +
  • Killing Time +
  • AcoustiChaos
  • the Dark Night Of the Soul 
  • White Wrath, Black Heart, Red Room +
  • the Accursed Place Of Fragrance
  • High On Hate (Stoned to Death) +
  • the Sun House
  • CC Rider + [trad.cover]

Couple lines about the songs.

Victory Song was originally about Finnish hockey team's massive victory over Sweden, but since the production and writing been taking so long, the song is not going to be anymore that "hockey song" (actually at first it was not about hockey, but then it got morphed, like it did again).

And yes, that cover song called CC Rider is what you think it is. It took some time to figure a good way to cover this traditional song in Deathtime style. This version have some influences from The Monkees and Ray Charles version, especially Ray Charles's "murder blues" made an impact that fits to style.

Noir is the most different song of all. It is a pure doom metal song, (the first appearance of a doom metal song was on Covered In Blood, a song called Stagger Lee). There will be some strings, choirs, etc. and the lyrics aren't that traditional, death metal's screaming gore stuff on this one either.  - Actually some of the songs doesn't have such lyrical theme anymore (while others have).

And there are number of songs that could not be included to the album, not because they weren't good enough, but because they were rather different and kicking ass like it was going out of style. So that is why they propably won't be included as bonuneses (B-sides etc), but shall be used later on.

But let's get back to the album. This isn't a theme album, like the debut album was. Yet there are songs that have something old, while some have something more evolved and new influence.

There have been some pre-listeners again, and they have given highly optimistic remarks about this material - some have said that it is easier to "get" since it is little slower, some have given a nice credit about new (different) stuff that how promising and in one word great it is! 

PS. And also in future there will be some changes on this site too. Stay tuned, and visit as frequent as possible!

PPS. There will be some singles taken from the forthcoming album, so stay tuned since you will get them from this site!

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