keskiviikko 21. joulukuuta 2016

Some Solstice News

So, like it was said in the earlier post, something new was intended for this year, so let's see what is going on.

First of all, some new and older material has been produced, finished, reproduced etc. But instead of poor quality or quantity of the material, this time we have so much good stuff on our hands, that it has been quite a challenge to decide to what to do next, what to record and finish next and what to release and in what order so it's been rather difficult to get anything out.

But now it seems, that there are three songs, that are reaching the level of being released (either one of them via streaming or all of them in downloadable EP/single format), and the first, almost finished test forms are already been tested before finalized and released.

Here are the songs + short introductions.
  1. The Bitchfinder General (they will see the smoke of her burning)
  2. 99%
  3. Where Eagles Dare (The Misfits cover)
1. This one is a "new" song, because it was one of the first ones being written and recorded (drums and guitars) for the new sessions. At first it was supposed to be only a demo version, because it was a strange "slow fast song", but then again it had enormous groove, so it was kept. Musically this song is closer to some classic stuff of ours, with a hint of something new and fresh. 

2. There are couple of other name suggestions for this one, and it is quite possible that one of them will be chosen eventually. "99%" was first chosen, because of a movement of the same name and number, but because they became too biased and probably disappeared, the name is ought to be updated as well. Style wise this is a rather classical Deathtime song, with some sludge and thrah metal influences. 

3. This one is a dropout from the Covered In Blood 2. It was not dropped because it was too bad, it was left out because of the tight schedule back then. And those who don't know this one, should listen to this:

So stay tuned for further updates and new material!

And because Christmas is soon here, you should download our Dysphoria EP (click this link) for Deathtime's official Christmas song "Red, White and Black Christmas". 

Merry Christmas!

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