lauantai 31. lokakuuta 2015

Trick or Treat, or Perhaps Something Neat?

Happy Halloween, or something.

So, here it is again.

Deathtime's annual update. Yes, yes, it's been awhile.

At first this was going to be a little "Halloween trick" with some special content, but since that didn't happen (it is on its way, and it will appear in a different form), let's just make this to be a little update, do we?

This year is coming to its end, not just yet, but soon enough.

Deathtime has been quiet since the year 2013 and many of you've been making questions such as "is this thing still active, is this band still going on?"

Yes it is!

Deahtime is going towards their third album actually.

But there have been plenty of changes.

Such as, a new studio. Which means, that there was a great pause when that transition happened, and now that everything seems to be settled, things have finally taken a step forward.

And what are those things?

Well, now a demo for the third Deathtime album, and for the third part of the Covered In Blood trilogy have been recorded!

The demo contains 35 songs.

Some of them are covers, some of them are not.

So that's the situation right now.

Stay in touch, because there will be more!

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