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Phil Anselmo Says The Darnest Thing

"And some bands come across as pretty generic. But I would take a lo-fi fucking rough shit recording of a great band over some over-produced, sleek fucking product that sells a million any fucking day at this point in my life" - P. Anselmo

Taken from Down's Facebook wall, as a part of the answer to the topic: On the state of heavy metal right now

Yup, isn't it obvious that it must mean Deathtime? -_^

At least Deathtime's most popular releases are those that are raw and brutal, aka. lo-fi in production. They sure don't sound generic, nor something that tries to be a part of this modern metal sound that just doesn't seem right, at least to those who are into classics (people who uses the word "that's old" usually are those who don't get what the classics are, am I wrong?).

Now, a little studio diary entry as we speak.

There are not much to be said. As writing this, Charlie is preparing to record more vocals, and to rewrite some of the lyrics too - in this case the method is to first write down many different lyric versions, and then use the ones that build the song.

Now, if you are about to ask that is Deathtime being corrupted to use some over-production this time? I should say no. The production is sure higher than before, but we aren't trying to "wash the soap" so to speak. But for some reason, this first single just demands a lot of work. So we remain stubborn to win this challenge, and when we prevail, you'll hear the end result that'll_sweep_you_off like a son of a bitch!

And I must say, that there are some new, quite tasty elements added to the song.

You'll hear them when it's time for that.

So stay tuned!

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