perjantai 3. helmikuuta 2012


After spending a couple of intense days in the depths of Home Studio, Charlie finally finished the first - oh so heavy (in many aspects) single - and you know what that means?

Deathtime finally releases its first single from the second, forthcoming album!

The release date is 7.2.

(Same date, when the new season of Charlie's favourite tv-series, The Simpsons, airs in Finland - double celebration, eh?)

So, stay tuned with us, and male sure you check this one out!

This time Deathtime has left out some its natural brutality, and reached the new levels of suspenceful athmospheres (almost avangardic) - that's why the a-side of the single have been labeled as "Dark Death Metal". - And don't worry, Charlie hasn't grown an ovaries, the second single is intented to be a rather classic Deathtime release.

The single contains also two b-sides, the demo of Prayer of Death, and an unreleased cover song back from 2010!

Do Not Miss This!

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