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21.12.2012 COUNTDOWN!

The title may (also) mean the release date of the new album of Deathtime, but let us hope it doesn't because this stuff needs to get released as soon as possible.

So like it was said before, the production of the first single release haven't been too easy so far.

But after experimenting and testing, it is decided that Deathtime will release this piece of work in a way it is.

The mix is heavier and rawer than planned, yet it gives more natural evolution from the earlier, lo-fi, production.

There are now more features in the song, that you cannot find from the demo version, like orchestral backgrounds from heaving choirs to suspenseful strings (wow)!

Now, let's see what's going on!

These are the songs that have been recorded now.

Prayer of Death.

Like said before, the music is in by now, only the mix were the main problem with this. And after testing with diffent equipment and listeners, it is decided that this version will be finished, perhaps slightly mixed.

So the next move is to record the vocals and of course finish the lyrics.

And pretty much after that it is ready to be released!


This is intended to be the second single. 

At this point it is almost completely replayed (and rearranged slightly) and therefore finished!

Lyrics, vocals etc etc still to go.


It was very close that this more traditional kick ass Deathtime tune didn't become a single, however it is now under the (home) studio processing so to speak, and it should be one of the first songs that are ready for the album! 

Under the Shadow of the Crescent Moon

This one weren't on the original demo, yet it was planned and some of its lyrics were written too. Now it is written and the basic foundations are laid for this one. Perhaps it'll be used as extra material, or not.

Bleed For Me

And this one too is one of those extra songs, that never been turned into a demo. Yet some sort of non-canonized, pre/per-version of the song have been played before, and there are also some guitar and drum tracks that could have formed a demo. And the lyrics are written too. So, let's see where this final version goes.

(Yeah, these are all, oh so selling titles for any band!)

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