torstai 22. joulukuuta 2011

Solstice Fire Brand

At first it did seem like there would be a hot streak of releases this year, since the year was opened up by the cover compilation called Covered In Blood - a reckless cover album where Deathtime slaughters some know and some more unknown classics, in its own executioner style.

Then there was also a writing process that took place from winter to summer, and not to forget to mention the photoshoot session which also took place.

Now, talking about the new material, it seems quite clear that the joke about 21.12.2012 deadline may become reality since the first single of the second Deathtime album is not going to be released this year.

The good news are, that the material is great, even better than the demos may have promised, and the music is ready for the single (except the vocals and lyrics, also the cover song needs a bit more adjustment).

The bad news comes from the technical side of the story. The mixing process simply hasn't been working like it should, so we either need to consider releasing this single the way it is, or keep on trying to mix it. It's been Home Studio's creative principal to eventually to move on - while always remaining loyal to your roots while still try something new - so this principal will eventually prevail. But this (technical) part have been extremely frustrating and exhausting, so this little christmas break sure is needed!

And at the same time, some new studio software will be installed, so that will take it's time to start to kick in too, but it should produce even better end result for your catharsis, thru better music that Deathtime brings to you.

But, since we didn't get the single release out for this season, there is still something you may consider as a christmas treat, yet not exactly as your usual christmas stuff.

Here we go... Deathtime: I Wanna Be Your Dog [Iggy Pop and the Stooges Cover] 

Merry Christmas!

PS. Hopefully the next post will be about this stubborn single release, or otherwise Charlie may go through a severe mental break down. If that happens, he is probably going to continue his musical career by playing imaginary instruments, in a mullet, at public places, until officers come and take him away (and perhaps cloth him too).

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