perjantai 11. marraskuuta 2011

The Unexpected Resurrection of the Plan A!

After a day of more or less (im)patient research and testing, Charlie finally got the new Home Studio technology WORKING!


It means that Deathtime has finally entered the new level and started (re-)recording the new material with this brand spanking new technology!

After a few days in the studio, trying different amps, sounds, etc. Charlie finally found this new killer sound.

Now, get this, the usual Deathtime sound, now boosted up with this amplifier that is tuned into such modes as: "vintage", "red", including the whole new switch such as "presence".

The end result is a massive, heavy sound, that is not only warm and fuzzy, like a black bear, tearing your helpless body into pieces, but it also has combined the earlier Deathtime debut album era deep 'n' dark guitar sound, with the Obliteration & Covered In Blood era brutality 'n' heavy sound (but without that traditional lo-fi sound quality)!

Can death metal get any more kick ass than that?

No, dear Watson, it simply can't!

So the Wrap Up Sessions has begun now, and the first single that is being recored is the song called:  

Prayer of Death 
It is planned that the final product includes two B-sides: Prayer of Death (demo) and maybe one yet-to-be-secret- cover-song from the earlier sessions (never released before!)

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