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Death Metal Isn't Dead - It's a Living Dead!

Ok, it is time for a little news feed to see what is going on....and happy Halloween by the way, or like many would say happy hung-over-ween. Thank you.

Now, if the installment of the new accessories and audio equipment don't work out as they should, we have to use the plan B (from the outer space).

This means that even the earlier lo-fi-technology production is now past, yet this will be done with the old equipment (used to record the lo-fi material) so it's still be more raw than planned yet rigged into its finest. Also the sound will be more organic, when in the plan A it would be more "clean".

Now that's a suprising turn!

So the idea is to record 3 single songs and release them, then move to the remaining songs. Some of them shall be re-arranged, some of them will be more closer to the original demo recordings.

Here's the latest, up-to-date, track listing. Like the sharpest pencils in the drawer may notice, there's a one new song "Gorestorm" which have replaced the song called "Red Room, White Wrath, Black Heart" which just wasn't ready enough, unlike this nasty piece which is a traditional Deathtime song and an excellent opener to the album! 
  1. Gorestorm
  2. High On Hate
  3. Infanticide
  4. Prayer Of Death
  5. Reptiles
  6. Killing Time
  7. Victory Song
  8. Her Soul
  9. CC Rider (Cover)
  10. Noir

PS. Hope you have checked out the new infoline we up there? There is still some content more to come, but you can already read about time line and discography and Deathtime's (hi)story! ...More updates later on, so once again: stay tuned!

PPS. And not to forget this little treat for you all deathtimers, since it is the All Hallow's Eve tonight.. Deathtime has entered the world of Youtube, and here's the first song ever posted there:

Watch now Deathtime: Hate Supremacy

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