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Obliteration EP (Nightmare Edition)

Warning: This 2EP contains disturbing material

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Obliteration EP (Nightmare Edition)

Introduction and Linernotes

Like the original plan was, this version, the Nightmare Edition of the Obliteration EP
is in a digital, double EP format.

Why does this re-release occur then?

Because it is Deathtime's 1. year anniversary and we want to celebrate it with our fans around the world!

So this re-release of Deathtime's most popular release (about 50% of  all downloaded material!)
which will celebrate this anniversary, as well it is nice add for the launch of this official Deathtime site too.

Hope you enjoy them both!

Obliteration EP (Nightmare Edition)

Here's the track list:

Side Δ

1. Tempus Fugit (Intro) [Previously Unreleased]
2. Obliteration
3. Death Ambient (Outro)


1. You Got The Guts (Flowing Out)
2. Freight Train Fire Blues
3. Summer Pain [Premasted version]
4. Hate Supremacy [New Song] 

In this edition, there are some extra material and of course the original content (+ the cover booklet is also enchanted, with a loads of cool stuff, such as new pictures and extra pages!).

So if you are new to Deathtime, this could be your choice, and of course you should have this if are familiar to the band - you don't want to miss those new and unreleased songs/versions!

About the content and a few words about the songs.

Tempus Fugit (Intro)

Originally left-out, unreleased orchestral intro for the Obliteration EP. This was recorded in the Obliteration sessions, and it was first intended to be integrated in the Obliteration song itself, then as a stand alone track and so forth...But it was left out because Charlie thought it would be too hifi, and it would had broken the raw lofi (dis)harmony back then..

(Actually the whole "ALT + 30" side of this 2EP is a single song, in three parts, and this unreleased intro is its stand alone component)

Summer Pain [(P)Remastered]

Premastered version of Summer Pain – which is now in higher and brighter sound quality - actually it is just the original version (Charlie thought that he over mixed and therefore ruined the song, so he wanted to release this “premastered version”, also known as “Radio Home Studio mix” that doesn't sound so “flat”).Radio Home Studio played this one for few months as "the power play summer song of the Radio Home Studio". At the same time it was presented as a streaming file in Xeimian Chronicles blog, where it got hundreds of listening times.

Hate Supremacy

A whole new song made in 2011.

An old school Deathtime song, which was originally intended for the forthcoming full length album (there is a demo version too, but this one is made exclusively for this anniversary release; this version isn't as raw and primitive as the demo version).

This version is mixed as raw and heavy like the infamous Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds cover Stagger Lee, which earned some very nice attention and thanks from its heavy, raw and experimental mix which allowed Deathtime's new guitar sound to be heard better than ever.(Get Covered In Blood, where Stagger Lee is included, by clicking this text)

As an interestng notion, this song had a lot different lyrics, they were about ruling captured woman in a violent fashion, “under the iron fist”. New lyrics are inspired by PJ Harvey's latest album (and Type O Negative), as well the Blood and Fire theme  and the medieval torture method "hanged drawn and quartered" - which are the first lyrics growled when this song begins) This is actually part of the hate series, as the first was Hate Supreme.

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